Best House and Building Wash Company

Most businesses do a good job of regularly cleaning the inside of their building but often overlook the outside. When your roof, gutters and exterior walls are dirty, you can't help but notice. What kind of impression is that leaving? If this rings a bell, you need to contact us at BWS. We specialise in the washing of commercial buildings. Primarily focusing on the exterior - roofs, windows, gutters, walls, yards and carparks. We wash anything from a small single storey shop to multi-storey buildings and can manage all exterior materials and a range of building conditions; as well as having experience in washing historic buildings. Operating across Auckland and The Bay of Plenty, in New Zealand, we take the hassle out of keeping your buildings clean, freeing you up to get on with what's important to you. Our highly trained wash crew come fully equipped to complete the job, including using our custom-built cherry picker wash trucks meaning we can efficiently and safely wash the most hard to reach spots. So, for your next building washing job get in touch with us.

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